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What is it like to be obese?

Have you ever noticed the food that obese people eat? I have and they are not all the same.  while some do indeed have their plates piled high, others eat very small meals or even skip meals. They try very hard to control the amount that they eat so that they will not gain even more.  But alas, these are the people who have also lowered their metabolism so that their bodies hang on to every calorie they consume.

Some have quite given up trying to control their weight and simply eat whatever they can find that tastes good.  Usually in their opinion, it is the higher calorie, higher fat foods that have the appealing taste.    They continue to eat like this until some diet  sounds like it might work for them and they try and then fail at another diet.

If you have never been overweight then you probably have no idea the turmoil that these people go through.  You probably think of them as simply having no will power.  If they would simply eat less and get some exercise then they would lose that excess weight.  You picture them sitting on the sofa with a snack in one hand and the tv remote in the other.

You think that they don’t care….but they do. They just don’t know how to overcome the cravings that have them breaking their next diet before it even has a chance.  Exercise?  When you are heavy it is exercise just to move around the house.  You try carrying around an extra 50 to 100 pounds of weight and see how much extra exercise you feel like doing.

Trying to look decent is also a challenge.  Some ladies are quite talented and have their clothing choices so that much of their bulges are hidden.  They play up their hair or their faces and look quite nice.  For most though it is very difficult trying to find anything that fits that does not look like a tent.

Then there are the health issues. If you are overweight you already know that you are at high risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. You know that complications from these illnesses could not only shorten your life but also make your quality of life very poor.

Knowing all this, why don’t they just push away from the table?  If only it were so simple. There is surgery, pills, potions, diets, exercises and a long list of things that usually only make them more miserable.

But sometimes, they find something that works. And then they get encouraged. They lose a little weight and start exercising. They lose some more and keep going.

What is the point of all this?  Encouragement helps because it lifts a person up.  Criticism hurts and discourages a person from doing what they can do.  Most overweight people already know how they look and what their health issues are.  They don’t need to be put down or treated with disrespect.

In truth, the diet program that works wonders for one person may be impossible for another.  Some people have good results from just watching what they eat and getting a little more exercise. Others have to turn to surgery to save their very lives. Diet pills can be dangerous for one person but help another.  There are supplements that can help balance the hormones in your body and that is the key for many who have cravings.

Just don’t give up.  You are worth all the hard work that it takes. You have a place in life and a purpose that no one but you can fill.  Hang in there. get the help that you need to become the best you that only you can be.

Real Age Test

This morning I went to the RealAge website and updated the info to see how I was doing. That test really makes you think about what you eat and how you live your life.   according to the results I am still about 8 years younger than my actual year numbers.

Sometimes it is really hard to eat healthy and ignore all those unhealthy but delicious choices.  I don’t always do what I should and probably no one else does either.  Still, if we will try hard to make the majority of our choices healthy then it will pay off in the long run.

Healthy foods,  moderate exercise, and well planned supplements are all part of being responsible for one’s own health.  There are a lot of things in life that we can do nothing about.  It just makes sense to me to do what we can to make our lives better.

Life’s Experiences

Are you living a balanced life? Sometimes we are severely affected by things that have happened to us in the past. The Best Life blogs are about finding ways to improve the quality of life that you have.  Finding balance is an important part of that.  Learn how to forgive and project your best attitude.

Slow Down Aging with a Pill?

Resveratrol shows much promise as research continues on its effects against the diseases of aging.

Boosting your Brain Power

Many studies have shown the benefits of consuming a wide variety of fruits and veggies. One of these benefits is protecting your brain from the effects of free radicals. The online magazine Everyday Health has a good article on this subject.  We all need to think about not only our health today but for the future. If we take good care of ourselves today we will increase our chances to be able to have a better quality of life tomorrow.

Diabetes and Nutrition

Most people understand that good nutrition is absolutely essential for managing diabetes. Now we also know that exercise combined with eating plenty of fresh or frozen vegetables, whole grains, and low glycemic fruits can either minimize or reverse type 2 diabetes. Those who are prediabetic may be able to avoid the disease altogether.  But it takes work.

We are a generation addicted to convenience and we are paying dearly for that convenience. We hurry here and hurry there.  We grab  something quick to eat and often skip breakfast altogether. When we do eat we are too hungry or busy to make wise choices.  Fast food places are everywhere.  Many of those are offering healthy choices now but people are so used to their old favorites that they prefer the high fat, high trans-fat foods.  The result: an epidemic of diabetics and people with coronary heart disease.

The answer: plan ahead. Shop the perimeter of your grocery store. Load up on fresh or frozen vegetables and berries.  Use whole grains at least 50% of the time. These contain nutrients and fiber that are stripped away in processing of the white varieties. Choose low fat or lean protein sources.  Reduce your consumption of sweet foods. You can painlessly get to the point where you use no sugar at all.  Make your changes gradual and you are more likely to stick with it. Make sure that your diet is balanced and varied. A very colorful salad or vegetable plate means that you have more nutrition.

Then there is that dreaded word….exercise.  We may not like it but it is a fact of life. If you get sufficient exercise you will be healthier and more fit. According to Dr Agatston, the famed cardiologist who is also the creator of the South Beach Diet: …” interval training, where you put in some high-intensity exercise, causes muscle changes that allow people with diabetes to handle sugar and insulin more efficiently…”

If you do no exercise then the muscles will get weaker and you will gradually become less fit making you more vulnerable to the effects of aging.  Most people will find that there is something that they can do even with joint or other health problems. The point is to be as active as you can be.  Always check with your physician first and follow his advice.

So, planning ahead, making preparations, and exercise may disrupt our convenience, but we will be so much better off for it….don’t you think it is worth it?

Energy and Good Health

What a beautiful October day and I feel great. There just is nothing like having a beautiful day and having the ability to enjoy it.  A couple of months ago I was starting to feel my years creeping up on me.  My energy levels were falling and I just was not sure that I would be able to continue working very much longer. Hospital work can be very draining and my position  keeps me busy for some very long hours.

A little over a month ago things started to change for the better. Now I have all the good natural energy I need to get through the day and when bedtime comes I sleep like a baby. What a difference.

Well, like I said. It is a beautiful day and I am going to get out and enjoy it. Hope that you can too.